Monday, March 13, 2006

Episode 04 - Howdy-ho David Emerson

Topics Covered:

Surprise Visit: Prime Minister Harper braves the rocket attacks and spends the night in Afghanistan, debate over Canada's role simmers back home.
Ethics Fever: NDP Pat Martin takes the shotgun approach: better late than never for Belinda, allegations of leaking insider information may cool Scott Brison's potential for Liberal leadership, how the space shuttle Challenger explosion might hold the key for exonerating Brison and Goodale.
Smear Campaign: David Emerson gets a surprise visit from Mr. Hanky.
Rights Revolution: Ontario MP discusses organ donation, BC and Alberta take on the US PATRIOT Act, we take on online census security.
Nuclear Anxiety
: international tension escalates over Iran's proposed nuclear program.

Relevant Links:

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Ethics probe should include Brison
Manure dumped outside Emerson's office
'Presumed consent' option for organ donations
Alberta Introduces Bill to Block Patriot Act Disclosures
Harper's 11


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