Monday, July 24, 2006

Episode 12 - Podfading, Bam!

Topics Covered:

Target Market: Eco-capitalism at Ottawa Bluesfest, Predictive markets and collaborative wisdom, Click fraud and the Yahoo stock bomb, The long tail of markets.
All About Voting: Preferential voting, Strategic voting, and Proportion representation.
Israel & Lebanon: Understanding the end game, The (a)symmetry of the war measures, Western reaction and sentiment, Fighting autonomous groups instead of nation-states.

Relevant Links:

Slate: Middle East Buddy List
Wired: The Next Green Revolution
Wired: The Long Tail
Wikipedia: Lebanon-Israel Conflict

Guardian: How could both sides have blundered so badly?
Cenimar Predictive Market

Sunday, July 23, 2006

PHB Cartoon #3

And I think it's going to be a long long time... for peace, that is.

PHB Cartoon #2

This one's from way back in the winter during the election. I did it for Rick Mercer's photo challenge and entitled it "Miss Accountability." -Alex

PHB Cartoon #1

No worries... the PHB's are alive and well. We were actually all geared up to record a show on Friday until we got a Skype call from an American colleague. Alas, California tech drowned out any hope for Canadian Politick that day.

In the mean time, here is the first in a series of PHB satire cartoons!