Monday, February 27, 2006

Episode 02 - Wave of the future, baby

Topics Covered:

Digital Rights: Learning from C-60, antiquated tariffs on recordable media afford users no rights.
Technological Issues: A national do-not-call list: easier said than done, securing public trust in Canada's first online census.
Supreme Court Committee: Good or bad.. or just useless?

Relevant Links:

Russell McOrmond's comments on PHBO
Kill bill C-60
Statscan to fortify online census tool
National do not call list framework
How to finance a Hollywood blockbuster
Supreme Court nominee faces MPs' questions

Proposed levies on blank audio recording media, 2007 [pdf]
Michael Geist on the levies

Monday, February 20, 2006

Episode 01 - The Balls Line Up

Topics Covered:

Recent Picks: New ambassadors to the US and UN named.
On the Defence: Cabinet criticism continues with ex-lobbyist Gordon O'Connor.
Media and PR: Harper-Charest meeting closed to the media, the hostile media effect and media bias in Canada, the future of the CBC.
Supreme Court Nomination: New process conjures up images of US Senate hearings but similarities are superficial.
Controversial Cartoons Continued: Hasty generalisations and double standards.

Relevant Links:

Reality Check on O'Connor
Globe and Mail Op-Ed defends O'Connor
Michael Wilson named as Ambassador to US
MPs to question new Supreme Court pick
Bev Oda and the CBC
Islam Today on CTS

Monday, February 13, 2006

Episode 00 - Proof of Concept

Topics Covered:

The Conservative Cabinet: Emerson crosses over, Fortier elected to Senate, Turner hushed.
Liberal Leadership: Wide open race for leadership, Graham named leader of the opposition.
David Wilkins: U.S. ambassador crosses swords then retreats.
Controversial Cartoons: Mohammed caricatures spark outrage.

Relevant Links:

The Canadian Cabinet

Liberal Party's Potential Leaders
Harper brushes off U.S. criticism of Arctic plan
Western Canadian magazine publishes Muhammad cartoons
Syria, Rice face off over prophet cartoon

Sunday, February 12, 2006

The Fine Print

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Wednesday, February 08, 2006

The Hillbilly Invasion

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Through this series we bring the fun world of politics into the mainstream through weekly commentary on Question Period, legislation, house votes and other political happenin's on the hill. Don't forget the scandals, floor crossings and parliamentary brawls!

The Parliament Hillbillies: because not every podcast can be from California, and not every political podcast oughta be about Bush.