Monday, February 27, 2006

Episode 02 - Wave of the future, baby

Topics Covered:

Digital Rights: Learning from C-60, antiquated tariffs on recordable media afford users no rights.
Technological Issues: A national do-not-call list: easier said than done, securing public trust in Canada's first online census.
Supreme Court Committee: Good or bad.. or just useless?

Relevant Links:

Russell McOrmond's comments on PHBO
Kill bill C-60
Statscan to fortify online census tool
National do not call list framework
How to finance a Hollywood blockbuster
Supreme Court nominee faces MPs' questions

Proposed levies on blank audio recording media, 2007 [pdf]
Michael Geist on the levies


At 3:20 PM, February 28, 2006, Blogger Russell McOrmond said...

I have Blogged this episode, with the hopes that this will spark more dialog.

I'm very interested to work with you on the census software question, including possibly sending ATIP requests to get details (and possibly source code). While I have sent ATIP requests in the past trying to get an answer on this question, I haven't spent the follow-up time required to really extract this information.


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